Iron Bamboo poles

When Iron Bamboo Is Used In Place of Wood, Trees Are Saved

Calcutta Canes Without the Dirty Crankcase Soot

Yucatan Bamboo Calcutta Poles are grown on an American-owned and managed plantation from Calcutta Pole seeds (Dendrocalamus strictus) imported into Mexico in 1994. They were grown using limited amounts of fertilized irrigation and are available in sizes up to 8 feet in length. Yucatan Bamboo Calcutta Poles are exactly the same thick-walled species as those you have been buying from Burma and India. Mayan Indians have been trained to hand-straighten them over an open flame in the traditional Indian method. 

Generally, Yucatan Bamboo Calcutta Poles are 1 1/4 inch to 2 inches in diameter at the butt with tips that range from 1/4 inch to 5/8 inch.  However, poles are available with tips as large as 1 inch.

These poles are the strongest, toughest canes in the world. They have been used for years to thrash  nuts from trees, to make fishing poles, to mark channels through swamps, to clean golf course greens, and in general to reach items in high places. They are used for hundreds of jobs that ordinary bamboo poles cannot be used for.

Yucatan Bamboo Calcutta Poles are available in the following sizes:

For purchases of less than 500 poles, the maximum length available is 8ft due to constraints with shipping.

For those who wish to order 2000, poles or more the lengths are from 8ft to 30ft, with the diameters described above.

We are currently seeking dealers/distributors for Calcutta and Iron bamboo poles.

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