When Iron Bamboo Is Used In Place of Wood, Trees Are Saved

Yunku fence panels are made of Iron Bamboo. Fence panels of Iron Bamboo are stronger than wooden fences and will probably outlast them. Fence panels are produced 6’ x 6’ or 6’ high by 8’ long. Vertical culms can be removed to   make the panel shorter, if necessary, to fit a specific space. We will provide instructions.

Rails easily screw into 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 wooden posts. Panels are easier to install than conventional fencing. We will help you. For a different look, panels may be used with the culms horizontal rather than vertical.

If economy is a major consideration, we can supply a fence 6' or 8' high with horizontal bamboo poles 12 ft. long. This fence is exceedingly strong and requires only half the posts of a fence made of 6'x 6' panels.

Price for a single Yunku fence panel is $199 FOB Panama City, Florida. Purchase of   multiple fence panels and/or the longer horizontal design can cut this cost as much as 50% with lower installation costs than conventional fencing.

Pricing for Custom panels is  $5.75 per sq. foot. Custom panels can be made for quick installation for unique spots. Many of the pictures represented on the website are Custom panels made to architecture plans. Since we can produce these Custom panels, we have a large advantage over traditional fencing and standard products.

For more information or to order Yunku fence panels, call us at 713-278-7344, or e-mail us the length and height of your fencing requirements with your phone number and we will call you.

Yucatan Bamboo, Inc. is employing locals from the villages of Muna and Opichen, providing them a local source of employment that allows them to live with their families and thus work in their own communities.

Call (713)278-7344 for more information and/or quotes.